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All or Nothing  (It's Up To Me)

Last night again I saw it was traveling in your eyes
When I ask you if you're leaving me I know just what you'll say
If you want me to I'll go and if you want me to I'll stay
You don't give me a chance when you play the game that way

Is it all of you or nothing, is it yes or is it no
Will you stay here and love me or will you decide to go
You say it's up to me and if I love you then you'll stay
But I can't love you knowing you might leave me any day

You play your heart like a deck of cards and you won't show your hand
You think you can't win any more than you can lose
Well you know that isn't true, you can always play for nothing
Call the bluff, raise the bet, it's not fair to make me choose

(© 1981 by Harvey Reid)

Originally recorded on #102 "A Very Old Song" (out of print version)

Re-recorded on #106 "Overview"
As re-recorded on #112 "In Person"

#106 version re-released on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

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