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April Rain

I wrote a letter to your family, I hope it will find you
I wish you could see all the stars here in the sky
Now the lilacs are blooming and I know how you would love them
But I probably won't see you till early July

How far can you see, my love from your lighthouse?
Did you notice the sails of ship near the shore?
In the darkness of night the fierce storms were raging
Was it the luck of a sailor brought me to your door?

Oh how can you live so far from the ocean
The sky here is endless it's like the ocean to me
Now I catch myself thinking about the people and the places
That I know and that I might not have time to see

Who'll gather wood now to keep this fire blazing?
And who'll bring the water to quiet the flames?
Who would believe that love could have found me?
I was a river swollen with cold april rain

(Copyright 1979 by Harvey Reid)


As recorded on #104 "Of Wind & Water"

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