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She said come to my bedside, she was young she was fair
My hands were like wind in the fields of her hair
Oh the Lord made young maidens with honey from the comb
But he must have built my poor heart with mortar and stone

Who's that still dancing shall I play one more tune?
Goodnight you ladies I'll be leaving you soon
The first frost of autumn brings a chill to my bones
And this wandering pilgrim is still far from his home


Again midnight will find me on the streets of this town
Does the poor prince have jewels or thorns in his crown?
The band in the barroom plays in three quarter time
She says "I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine"


There's a face in the mirror that don't look like me
I'm getting much nearer my God now to thee
She said "We are the darkness and love is the day"
My pain is my lantern I guess I'll find my own way

(Copyright 1979 by Harvey Reid)

As first released on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

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