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It's A Banjo Playing

It's a breeze on a summer evening

It's a firefly on a July night

It's an old Chevy truck parked in the drive

It's a big oak tree, it's a love that's alive


It's a song stuck in your mind

It's a child learning nursery rhymes

It's a fiddler's foot on the kitchen floor

It's an old love song you never heard before



It's a freight train whistle in the night

Singing like a mournful dove

It's a boy leaving town without looking back

It's a banjo playing it's a girl I love


It's your momma calling on the phone

It's a dog run away come home

In the bottom of the ninth it's a big home run

It's the love we have, it's the morning sun

(© 1998 by Harvey Reid)

As first released on #113 "Fruit on the Vine"

As re-released on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

As re-released on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

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