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The Boatman

I work upon the water, the waves are my home
The rising tides they're my next of kin
I spend my days, I earn my pay
I am the boatman, I serve the wind

I will carry you to lands divine
Safely and surely I will ferry you there
But I cannot tarry long, I know
To leave the land I love is the sorrow that I bear

My boat in the harbor she's safe from the storm
But sailing they built her for
I will find my way by the sun and the stars
I cannot dwell long upon the shore

Do you till of the earth? Oh tell me your tale
By our troubles we are two, though we travel now as one
Set your feet upon the land, in the morning I will go
My face once again I will turn to the sun



(© 1984 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #104 "Of Wind & Water"

As re-released on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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