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Candlelight Carol

Darkness, shroud us, blackness all around
Cold is the world now, asleep the frozen ground
Fear grows, so close, all I see is night
Darkness, darkness, God shall grant us light

Light now a candle, burn, thy fragile flame
Whispers as love stirs, the faithful speak His name
So small this candle, against the blackness deep
One light in a dark world, awake ye once asleep

Dear flame, in Thy name, now I pass thee on
Each light another makes, as darkness yields to dawn
Love and hope pass on, from heart to heart in turn
Candles kissing candles, in each a new light burns

Candles flicker, thy love still burning bright
Keep us from darkness, give us back our sight
Blessed candles, thy glow will guide us on
Oh darkness, fear this, with light thou wilt be gone

(© 2005 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #119 "Christmas Morning"

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