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I throw a stone into the water and I watch the circles as they grow
While holidays and birthdays leave footprints like soldiers in the snow
The flowers and the icicles are spokes in a wheel that has no end
And the passing of the seasons makes me think about circles again

The sun and the moon, circles tracing circles in the sky
While old people and children look at each other in the mirror in the eye
Like the turning of a waterwheel like the voice of a long lost friend
When I think about my old friends I think about circles again

Round and round and round in circles we spin
Over and over we end up right where we begin
Those things that never change, those things that are never the same
Though it looks like a straight road I'm traveling in circles again

These round coins in my hand there's so much I do that they ask me
What goes around will come around; there are wheels turning night & day right past me
I had a dream long ago I was hiding but a clock always found me
And now everywhere I look I see circles all around me

(© 1991 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #108 "Circles"

As re-released on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

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