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Dreamer or Believer

Sunburn, summer sun, cold rain beat me down
West wind, come again show me the blue
A world full of dreams is bigger than it seems
And I'd have me a million if I were you


He's a dreamer or believer, call him what you will
But he's gonna get lucky some day for sure
The worst is behind him love's gonna find him
He's got no troubles that a dollar won't cure
Hey he's got no troubles that a dollar won't cure

It's a brand new moon it's the same old story
Two days on a highway four lanes wide
The old mandolin it suits the mood that he's in
Let's hear it again it's an all night ride


He's a gamblin' man deal him a good hand
And he'll lay his last old dollar down
You can tell by his shoes that he don't have much to lose
But his eyes are wise with the truth he's found

unrecorded "lost" verse:

He's gonna make his mark like a flame in the dark
Dreaming full color dreams on a black and white screen
And he's strongest of all when his back's to the wall
Lord only knows all the troubles he has seen


(© 1985 by Harvey Reid)

Originally recorded on #102 "A Very Old Song" (out of print version)

New studio version recorded on #106 "Overview"

New live version recorded on #112 "In Person"

#106 version re-released on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

#106 versions re-released on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

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