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I Have Finally Found A Home

I have walked and stumbled down this road

For many a cold and a weary mile

From the waters east to the waters west

I have wandered, searching all the while


On the highest hill I have stood proud

Like the years the towns have come and gone

I am grateful for all those helping hands

Through strife and storm I have journeyed on



And now a fair land lies before me

Far and wide alone I've roamed

Such a long way from where I was born

I have finally found a home


Now the night has come the day is done

In the fading light I will lay me down

The strangers' voices now grow dim

The peace I have sought at last I've found

(© 1998 by Harvey Reid)

As first released on #113 "Fruit on the Vine"

As re-released on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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