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Gathering the Harvest

It's a time to give thanks, to bow our heads down
The beggar for his bread, the king for his crown
The weary for shelter from the night and the storm
The fool for the wisdom, the rose for the thorn
Let us pray for peace, let our children smile
Let us grow let us prosper, let us love all the while
We give thanks to creation for the good earth we plow
It's the time for the harvest and we're gathering it now

The woodcutter's home is made from the tree
The tear of the sailor, it tastes like the sea
The face of the plowman, as brown as the land
The clay we're all made from was shaped by His hand
Come soldier, come sister, come innocent child
Come shepherd from the mountain, let us all rest awhile
'Tis the season for counting the blessings we've known
We're gathering the harvest from the seeds we have sown

(© 1986 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #103 "The Coming of Winter"

As re-recorded on #117 "The Autoharp Album"

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