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Good Old Days Blues

Back when I was young and rock and roll was new
Back when they made those great old Chevrolets
Who was thinking then we d be looking back now saying
Those sure were the good old days

He came from Tupelo, that greasy darling singing boy
We loved him to death, we will love him always
He s young forever now, frozen in our memories
He'll always remind me of the good old days

The cold hand of war came knockin on our door
We sang, we joined hands, we were one voice to raise
We asked so many questions, but we knew all the answers then
Oh the things we didn t know back in the good old days

Dreams and blue jeans, faded and jaded
Did we fight, did we win? I m still confused
Put a flower in your hair, go find the magic dragon
These are the those were the good old days blues

Young people- they got so much to learn
That s what my father said, that s what fathers still say
Son, things were different then- we weren t just crazy children
Daddy always talks about the good old days

Let those lost voices ring, Jimi kiss the sky; Janis, sing
Walk me down Abbey Road, light my fire again
There s still four dead, now where have all those flowers gone?
The answer is still blowing in the wind


(© 1986 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #108 "Circles"

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