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The Heart of the Minstrel on Christmas

The shepherd has gathered his flock mid the gales
The tailor has sewn velvet robes for the king
The carpenter's tools cut so straight and so true
But they gather on Christmas to hear the minstrel sing

His songs are so old, they come from the ages
A gift to us all from long long ago
The melodies wake something up deep inside us
When we sing them together on Christmas we know


Oh sing of the day he was born in the manger
Joyous the silvery strings as they play
If one heart in the world is light as a feather
It's the heart of the minstrel on Christmas day

In this world of machines, in the land of the wheel
In houses of glass and steel we pray
Like the star in the east, the Ancient Ones lead us
In the songs that we sing on this glorious day

The love in that baby asleep in the cradle
And the songs of the wise men who came on their way
Have filled up the hearts of so many before us
And they guide the hands of the minstrel this day

And if you unbelievers and you who keep prisons
And you who in wars your hatred is hurled
Could just for a moment let go of the darkness
And know that on Christmas there is love in the world


(© 1988 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #111 "Heart of the Minstrel On Christmas Day"

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