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How In This World

Tell me how... (tell me how)
In this world... (in this world)
Tell me how in this world can just one man redeem my soul?

Redeem my soul ... (redeem my soul)
Make me whole... (make me whole )
Wash away all the traces of my sin... (of my sin)

It would take a man... (yes a man)
A man of peace... (yes of peace)
A man of love from the land above
Redeem my soul... (redeem my soul)


I was lost ... (I was lost)
I lost my way... (I lost my way)
I lost my way upon that road
That leads beyond... (it leads beyond)

It leads beyond... (yes, beyond)
Beyond my sins... (yes, my sins)
Fromthe shallow to the deep
It leads beyond... (it leads beyond)

There is a man... (yes, a man)
Just one man... (yes, one man)
Who can lead me to that land
Where all is calm... (where all is calm)


(© 1988 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #108 "Circles"

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