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Jack Tarr the Sailor

Oh a sailor and his true love went walking one day
Through the fields and the meadows in the month of May
The dew it did sparkle on the fresh growing grass
And the larks they sang melodious at the dawning of the day (etc)

A ring from his finger he placed on her hand
Saying keep this dear Nancy as a sign of our bond
For I'm bound off to India where the loud cannons roar
And I'm bound to leave my Nancy she's the girl that I adore

My ship is the Constant and low does she lay
With powder and shot we will soon win the day
She's a waiting at anchor for the next flowing tide
And if ever I return again I will make you my bride

She's waiting at anchor awaiting the tide
And rowing a dory they came along side
He called to the boatswain please take me on board
For I'm bound to leave my Nancy she's the girl that I adore

Two years and a day she waiting with pain
Her heart was full sore to see Jack once again
Then spying a topsail she ran to the bay
For his ship it was arriving at the dawning of the day

They lowered a longboat and came to the land
She look all around but could not spy her man
Then up spoke the surgeon with a gruesome tale of war
Saying Jack Tarr the sailor he has gone to his reward



As recorded on #107 "Steel Drivin' Man"

As recorded on #112 "In Person"

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