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Hello anyone out there who's L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E now
Don't be S-A-D because you're all A-L-O-N-E
You'll find true L-O-V-E somehow
Don't you C-R-Y take my A-D-V-I-C-E
There's a special O-N-E for you I know
One K-I double S, one look in her E-Y-E's
You won't be L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E anymore


L is for the love we had before it all turned so bad
O is for the open door you walked through
N is for the nights I cry alone without you in my arms
E's for everything I tried to do, to make you stay
S is for the sweet things you used to whisper in my ear
O is for the other guy you're saying 'em to now
M is for my empty arms
E is for my cryin' eyes
You are the reason that I spell lonesome
With just 2 short letters now M-E

See Harvey & Joyce Andersen perform this 2
(© 1989 by Harvey Reid/ as performed by Lonesome Dave & the North Dixie Road Kings)

Originally released on #467 "Lonesome Dave & the North Dixie Road Kings"

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