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I Will Learn to Love You

They say a young man should ramble
This wide world to roam
Feel the freedom of the highways
Know the peace of a home
Feel the chill of the winter winds
And the warm summer sun
To see through his eyes
What his own hands have done
To know the love of a woman
In the dark hours of night
To reap what you sow
To watch your love grow
And to know that it's right

And I will learn to love you
In your arms is where I belong
I will learn to love you
I've been traveling too long

Then I close my eyes
And pretend that you're near
I cling to the memories
And I blink back a tear
I feel you beside me now
I hear you calling my name
Then I know I've been dreaming
I've been dreaming again...

(© 1982 by Harvey Reid)

Originally recorded on #102 "A Very Old Song"

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