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Losers in Love

First we roll over then we start crawling
Like a little kid learning to walk we keep falling
Through the laughing and crying we try and we fail
Falling in love is like getting out of jail

It's clear to see there's no clear winner
No saints here, just two sinners
Checkmate, stalemate when push comes to shove
Is it a lost cause- two losers in love

It starts so easy, stops on a dime
Fools most people, most of the time
Somebody got lucky, somebody got mad
Nobody gave it all that they had

Two losers in love what did we learn?
To everything, turn- its your turn
Hope springs eternal, time heals all
Two losers in love, two backs to the wall

Is it too late for this woman and this man?
Is it too much water over one more dam?
Is it too much to ask from heaven above
To bring happiness to two losers in love

(© 2004 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #118 "Kindling the Fire"

As re-released on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"


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