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Maybe Someday

Maybe it's the season the dark and cloudy skies
Maybe that's the reason for the tears in your eyes
Maybe it's those bumps and bruises
That lovers learn to live with
Maybe it's all imagined in my mind

Maybe it's my foolish pride, maybe I should have tried
A little harder to show you this love inside me
Maybe we should wait and see, wait until the storm is over
Maybe things will all get better with time

Maybe, just maybe
Maybe this and maybe that
I'm so tired of hearing maybe
Why is it always maybe?

Someday you'll get over all these little hurts and fears
Someday you'll be strong again and wise beyond your years
Someday your perfect love will walk right through that door
Kiss you and say “Dear you're awfully hard to find”

Someday, yes surely someday
Someday this and someday that
Aren't you tired of hearing someday
Why is it always someday?

Tell me yes not maybe, I'm so tired of hearing maybe
Tell me now not someday, aren't you tired of hearing someday
Tell me yes
Not maybe
Not someday
But now

(© 1984 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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