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Shake It Loose

Trying to make a dollar work my fingers to the bone
Trouble come looking trying to find me at my home
Every time I get my feet back on the ground
Old Man Trouble come prowling 'round

Got to shake him loose Lord he's killing me
Get him off of my back I got to be free
Shake him loose
He's got a hold on me

There's a knocking on my door it's that Devil man
Trying to tempt me he's got evil in his hand
He's waiting till I'm weak then he's moving in
Lord above me don't let me fall again

Bad luck follows me everywhere I go
Got a shadow falling on me don't you know
Bad luck bad luck take me while you can
'Cause standing right behind you it's that Good Luck man

(© 1991 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #108 "Circles"

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