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Short Life of Trouble


Short life of trouble it's only world to part
Short life of trouble dear girl for a boy with a broken heart

You know what you promised not more than a week ago
You promised that you'd marry me standing in your momma's back door
Now you've broken your promise go marry whom you may
This old world so big and so wide I'll ramble back here some day


Sitting on my bedside thinking the whole day through
I'd give all the world and half of my life just to be married to you
I hear the train a coming it's blowing a station blow
I rather be dead and in my grave than to see my darling go

My left foot's on the platform my right foot's on the train
They'll carry me down to old Knoxville town to wear that ball and chain
I see my casket coming it's all lined in black
They'll carry me to that little churchyard never to bring me back



As recorded on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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