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Silver Midnight Moon

By the green riverside went a boy and a bride
Under the midnight moon
So clear and bright was that silvery light
So sweet the fiddler's tune
Thinking only of love they looked high up above
Searching for some reply
Just two more lovers gazing deep
Into the silver midnight sky


I've been blessed I have sinned I've been tossed by the wind
I've been guilty of closing my eyes- when I can't look
I have wounded my friends and made peace in the end
I have prayed to the midnight sky- for a signal
I surprise myself when I fight tooth and claw
Instead of just turning my back like we all do
Always reminding myself we must cherish
Each breath of freedom we have

Always reminding myself of the promises
Made when the blood is still fresh from the wound
I will live my life I will love by the light
Of the silvery midnight moon

We are sifting alone through a sea of hearts
To find the one that's true
Through the forest dark still we must search
No map and scarce a clue
How many dreamers like me have there been
Who launched their boats in a hopeful wind?
How many lovers deep in the night
Have steered their course by that silvery light?


1996 by Harvey Reid

As recorded on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

As re-recorded on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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