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Singin' Through My Nose

Well when I was a little boy in the hills of Tennessee
Mom and Dad weren't dead yet they lived at home with me
Saturday night we'd sit up late and watch the Grand O' Opry shows
That's when I first heard someone singin' thru their nose

It was the greatest sound I ever heard I thought it was just wild
I asked my Daddy about it he looked at me and smiled
Very next day he brought me home a record of Bill Monroe's
And that's when I first started singin' through my nose

Singin' through my nose singin' through my nose
I get a lonesome feeling from my head down to my toes
I've known a lot of pleasures Lord only knows
The thing that I love best is singin' through my nose

Now I make my living out on this lonesome road
I drink lots of coffee I wear cowboy clothes
So many things I could have done but this bluegrass life I chose
Cause the thing that I love best is singin' through my nose


Now friends don't despair if your life don't feel complete
If it seems all your troubles just lead you to defeat
There's a simple answer to forget all your cares and woes
Whenever life gets troublesome try singin' through my nose

©1989 by Harvey Reid & Rick Watson (aka Rusty Licks & Buck Short)

Originally released on #467 "Lonesome Dave & the North Dixie Road Kings"

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