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Slipped Through My Hand

Here's to all the madness, all the sadness, all the good times
Here's to hope and heroes, boys raise your glasses high
And here's to tomorrow and the songs that we sing
To love that lasts, to seasons past, and all the reasons why

Where's the childish laughter, where is the boy?
They tell me he's grown to a man
Those crazy years of youth I thought they'd never end
Gone now forever, slipped through my hand

Slipped through my fingers, stolen away
While I slept through the morning and dreamed through the day
So little of this life we'll ever understand
So much gone already now, slipped through my hand

Like ever dollar and every dime that I've earned in my time
Like the wind, the waves, like the sand
Like the bitter taste of freedom, like every concrete mile
The rainbows and the ashes have slipped through my hand



(© 1982 by Harvey Reid)

Originally recorded on #102 "A Very Old Song"

As re-recorded on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

New version re-recorded on #128 "The Autoharp Waltz"

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