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Talkin' Organic Food

I accidentally stepped inside this door
And a man said welcome to my health food store
We got 43 kinds of vitamin pills
Cure all your aches and pains and ills
You can feel like a million for just pennies a day
Get with the times eat the natural way
Start a new way of living free from disease
Start leaping up stairs by twos and threes

I'm the healthiest dude alive he said
I eat wheat germ yogurt and pumpernickel bread
With lentils and soybeans and buckwheat groats
Granola vegetables and whole rolled oats
"Cause organic food is where it's at
I ain't even dragging an ounce of fat
I'm trim and fit and completely alive
I'm gonna live till I'm at least 105

I had a nightmare last night he said
I dreamed I was surrounded by Wonder Bread
I was being attacked by processed meats
Preservatives flavors, candy and sweets
I didn't know how long I could last
I was running low on vitamins and sinking fast
I clenched my fist and said I ain't licked yet
A soda pop hit me I woke up in a sweat

Well I sneezed and said pardon me
He said "Son you need more Vitamin C
And that soda you're drinking is worse than you know what
It'll rot out your teeth and destroy your gut
And your hair looks stringy and dried out too
You ought to get a bottle of organic shampoo
We got organic soap to wash your face
It's an enzyme-activated protein base"

Well I got a high protein candy bar
Some organic gas to put in my car
Got me an organic shirt to wear
A organic comb to comb my hair
When he handed me the bill I almost winced
'Cause he'd already had me totally convinced
That organic living was the only way
And a couple of bucks was a small price to pay

So I shelled out with a great big grin
Thanked him for all the time he'd put in
I said so long brother I'll see you next week
I was a brand new initiated health food freak
I was determined to find me an organic car
Start playing an organic guitar
Make organic love to my organic wife
Have organic kids and lead a natural life

(Copyright 1971 by Harvey Reid)

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As recorded on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

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