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Texas Rangers

Come all you Texas Rangers wherever you may be
My story I will tell you it happened unto me
My name is nothing extra the truth to you I will tell
I am a Texas Ranger so ladies fare thee well

It was at the age of 16 I joined the jolly band
We marched from San Antonio on to the Rio Grande
Our captain he informed us perhaps he thought it right
Before we reached the desert we would surely have to fight

I seen the Indians coming I heard them give a yell
My feelings at this moment no human tongue can tell
I saw their glittering lances they arrows round me flew
And all my strength it left me and all my courage too

We fought a full 9 hours before the strife was o'er
The likes of dead and wounded I had never seen before
And as the sun was rising and the Indians they had fled
We loaded up our rifles and counted up our dead

Now all of us were wounded, our noble Captain slain
The sun was shining sadly above the bloody plain
And 16 brave Rangers as ever roamed the West
Were buried by their comrades with arrows in their breast

It was then I thought of Mother who to me in tears did say
To you they are all strangers with me you'd better stay
I thought that she was childish I thought she did not know
My mind was fixed on rambling and rambling I did go

Now I've seen the fruits of wandering I've known its hardships well
I've crossed the Rocky Mountains rode down the streets of Hell
I've been out in the desert where the wild Apaches roam
And I tell you from experience you'd better stay at home

first verse


As recorded on #107 "Steel Drivin' Man"

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