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The Cuckoo

Oh the cuckoo she’s a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
And she never gets lonesome
Till the 4th day of July

Gonna build me a log cabin on the mountain so high
So I can see the cuckoo as she goes flying by

I’ve played cards in England, I gambled in Spain
I bet you 10 dollars I’ll beat you next game

Jack of diamonds, jack of diamonds I know you of old
You’ve robbed my poor pocket of silver and of gold

My horses ain’t hungry, they won’t eat your hay
So fare thee well darling, I’m going away

Your parents don’t like me, they say I’m too poor
They say I’m not worthy to enter your door



As recorded on #107 "Steel Drivin' Man"

As recorded on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

New version re-recorded by Joyce Andersen on #120 "The Song Train"

New version re-recorded on #130 "The Liberty Guitar Method"

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