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This Old Heart of Mine

Across the green valley the sky is on fire

Out on a highway beneath the telephone wires

In the red light of evening the dark road it shines

It's always been a traveler, this old heart of mine


This old heart is weathered, this old heart is worn

This gallant ship has seen many a storm

There's always a reason, there's always a rhyme

There's always a child in this old heart of mine


I've seen the sweet times, the hope and the pain

I've seen the soft morning, the wind and the rain

Into the darkness our light it must shine

There's always a shadow in this old heart of mine


This old heart of mine it's so full of memories

Its cup runneth over, it's fruit on the vine

Till the day it stops beating, till I've run out of time

It'll never stop loving, this old heart of mine

(© 1998 by Harvey Reid)

As first released on #113 "Fruit on the Vine"

As re-released on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

As re-released on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

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