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Time & Space

Where does it all begin I guess a thumb up in the wind
Attached to a restless boy of seventeen
A scribbled cardboard sign a hometown just left behind
And a wide world he had never seen
Now the tale is a long one many a turn was a wrong one
Fistfights, tavern lights and bottles that flew
Those days he almost froze in the early autumn snows
It's a good thing his poor mother never knew

If all the couches I ever slept on was lined up end to end
They'd reach halfway from here to the moon
But one thing is certain the day I set down this burden
Is gonna come much much too soon
There's more than just one pretty girl in this world
You play with fire you're bound to get burned
I been too many long miles to fall for your sweet smile
When if ever will I ever learn

Now a dollar is a dollar and an hour is an hour
Time is still money and money still is time
But time won't pay my rent and my money's always spent or lent
You can take your dime 'cause I'll just talk my time
'Cause if I could pick the locks on the doors of Fort Knox
And all the gold there was mine for to spend
I would try and I would try but I bet I could not buy
Not even one single good friend

So here's to all my friends glad tidings I do send
With a prayer and a song
I'm doing quite fine as I search for peace of mind
And I hope to see you all before too long
'Cause there's just time and space between me and every place
I'll ever go or I've ever been
Thank God I'm alive and I hope he is too
And I hope when I die he'll take me in

(Copyright 1977 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

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