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Too Old To Ride

Down by the gates on rodeo Sunday
Cheyenne sun burning bright in the sky
In his silver spurs and a ten-gallon smile
Sits an old man watching the young cowboys ride

There's not many left who remember his name
Oh how quickly fades the fame
Years ago he was all you could be
Now he's a rodeo hero at 73

He was a hero once upon a time
The calico cowgirls were standing in line
And the brahma that broke him oh Lord how they cried
He's a rodeo hero, too old to ride

Deep in his memory, deep in his mind
Oh how many countless times
Has he ridden those same horses over again
Only the dust on his boots looks the same as back then

And as you wait by the chutes he's looking you through
He pictures himself in everything that you do
Though he's old and he's bent he's got you by a mile
'Cause he was a hero when you were a child

He was a hero once upon a time
He rode with the best, back in his prime
Now he lives looking backwards, just him and his pride
He's a rodeo hero, too old to ride



(© 1985 by Harvey Reid)

Original version recorded on #106 "Overview"

As re-recorded on #127 "Songs From A Long Road"

As re-recorded (live) on #112 "In Person"

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