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A Very Old Song

The fiddler's a lot like you and me
A very big part of himself to free
And I bet he feels like a very old man
Sometimes when he takes his fiddle in his hands
It's all so clear

The music of the fiddle has a way of its own
It takes you to places you've always known
He works at night to the taverns he goes
Through the smoke and the whiskey he fiddles but he knows
That's why he's here

And there at the table sits old Sam
Hard working Sam he's a blue collar man
Come Friday evening he'll be found
At the smoky tavern in the middle of the town
Where the fiddlers go

He drinks till they close, he sits in his chair
The music of the pipes and the fiddles in the air
And it fills his soul in a very old way
Some very old things he forgot how to say
But the fiddler knows


Let us dance together, let us all sing along
Lift our voice in a very old song
There's a very old part of us all inside
Beneath the illusions of life it hides
It comes and it goes
And it's so easy to forget I know
This world covers it up like snow
But that's why we sing and that's why we play
We're all the same in a very old way
That the fiddler knows

When his heart is weary and his hands are sore
He lifts his bow to play one more
It's an old, old song that he learned somewhere
An old, old feeling floats in the air
With a sweet refrain

And it soothes his troubles his cares and woes
It comforts us and it fills our souls
It takes the chill from a very cold wind
It eases a pain that's deep within
It's a very old pain


(Copyright 1982 by Harvey Reid)

Originally recorded on #102 "A Very Old Song" (out of print version)

As re-recorded on #112 "In Person"

As re-recorded on #126 "Capo Voodoo: Songs"

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