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Walk Through A Graveyard

I would walk right through a graveyard
In the middle of a cold dark night
I would gladly walk through a graveyard
In the middle of the darkest night
Than to think about my baby
Holdin' another man tight

You want to talk about swimming
I would swim right across any kind of stream
Yes to see my baby I would swim any ocean, pond, bay, river or stream
To get to my sweet woman
Give her the love that I know she needs

I would fight with lions and tigers
Alligators and grizzly bears
I would fight for my sweet woman
Any time and anywhere
In any kind of weather in winter fall or spring
To get to my baby, I would go anywhere & do anything

I would crawl through any jungle
Across burning desert sands
Battle bats and spiders
Kill them with my own two bare hands
Any time and any place my sweet love I'll surely bring
To make my baby happy, I would go anywhere do anything

(Copyright 2009 by Harvey Reid)

As recorded on #121 "Blues & Branches"

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