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Wear A Mask

Took a test drive in my N-95, man alive
It felt weird, like Santa’s beard, don’t like this mask...

Protecting you, it protects me too, it’s the thing to do
This little piece of paper makes us all safer, get a mask...

Pull it to the sides when you eat french fries, smile with your eyes
Cover up your frown, slow the virus down, wear a mask

The human race’s got a brand new task
Cover your pretty face with an ugly mask
(repeat chorus)

I bought a hundred more, at the hardware store, to feel secure
Surgical grade, domestically made, I love my masks

Cover up your mouth, when you venture out, without a doubt
That guy in the sweater might be a super-spreader, wear your mask

It ain't Halloween, no Lone Ranger scene, don’t play no Batman theme
You aint Jesse James, robbing a train, just wear your mask


It’s hard to look cool, hanging out by the pool, don’t be no fool
You’ll be cool as Mona Lisa at the morgue in the freezer wear a mask

©2020 by Harvey Reid

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