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To the Western Wind

On rusted wheels rolling, and sails torn and tattered
We ve answered the call of the wind so wild
When she calls out your name who can refuse her?
The cold North wind can take away a mother's only child

Just lay me down, when this journey s over
I ve been a roving sailor, still water and storm
And to the western wind I leave the last air I breathe
She is my lover, my only true lover
She is my lover, wherever she goes is my home

There was a child and a candle, one card on the table
And a breeze from the window made the crystal ball spin
Jack of Diamonds, cried the gypsy woman
Jack of Diamonds, he is a child of the wind


Sometimes in the stillness when the lonely world is sleeping
In some far city, 'neath the dark moon I stand
And I feel like old Ulysses, his eyes on the distance
On his way home at last, searching so hard for the land


(© 1988 by Harvey Reid)


As recorded on #104 "Of Wind & Water"

As recorded on #112 "In Person"

As re-released on #116 "Dreamer or Believer"

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