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Wild Bill Jones

As I went out for to take a little walk
I walked upon that Wild Bill Jones
He was a walking and a talking by my true lover's side
And I bid him to leave her alone

He said my age is twenty-one
Too old to be controlled
I drew my revolver from my side
And destroyed that poor boy's soul

He reeled and he staggered, and he fell to the ground
And then he gave one dying moan
He wrapped his arms around my little girl's neck
Saying honey won't you take me home

Boys pass around that long-necked bottle
Let's all get on a spree
For today was the last of that Wild Bill Jones
And tomorrow the last of me

They sent me to prison for twenty long years
This poor boy longs to be free
But Wild Bill Jones and that long-necked bottle
Have been the ruin of me


As recorded on #120 "The Song Train"

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