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"Blues & Branches"

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Announcing the Spring 2009 release of Harvey Reid’s 1st solo project since the Autoharp Album in 2003, and the first to feature his guitar since 2000. Blues & Branches has 16 tracks, steeped in blues and Americana, showcasing Reid’s slide guitar and the bluesier side of his music. The 7 originals, 7 arrangements of traditional tunes, and 2 covers are totally solo except for 2 cameos by Joyce Andersen on vocal and fiddle. Included are 2 autoharp songs plus one on the 6-string banjo, with Reid weighing in on 11 different guitars, including acoustic, metal-body resonator, 12-string, Chrysalis, lap steel and dobro guitars.

Mostly songs, with 3 instrumentals, “Blues & Branches” is a mature work, featuring one of America’s strongest and most versatile acoustic musicians at the peak of his powers of performing, composing and arranging. It features some of Reid’s strongest lyrics to date, some of his best vocals, and a fresh pile of new work from an unusually prolific and versatile musician. As always, this recording is sparse, recorded live in the studio, and over 70 mins. of acoustic purity.

Fans of Reid’s stringed instrument work will find some of what they are used to, plus some surprises and new directions. Reid takes his autoharp and 6-string banjo to some new and bluesy places, with a blistering take on the old “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town” as well as very interesting dobro and lap steel solos.

“Blues & Branches” shows that even after a lifetime of music, 27 years of recording, more than 25 albums of music and nearly 350 songs recorded, Harvey Reid’s musical power and energy are still deepening. He is singing and writing perhaps better than ever, and has certainly not lost his unmatched command of his instruments. Reid has something to say, something fresh to offer new listeners as well as die-hard fans, and as much great new music up his sleeve as ever.

1-The Pork Chop Slap (H. Reid)(3:24) slide guitar
2- Raleigh & Spencer (Trad.)(5:00) 12-string guitar, vocal
3- Let Your Light Shine On Me (Trad.)(3:09) slide guitar, fiddle, 2 vocals
4- One Kind Favor (Trad.)(5:24) slide guitar, vocal
5- From Where I Stand (H. Reid)(5:22) guitar, 2 vocals
6- Sly Damsel Serenade (H. Reid)(4:00) slide guitar
7- Fishing Pond Blues (H. Reid)(3:44) autoharp, vocal
8- Fool Me Twice Blues (H. Reid)(6:40) 6-string banjo
9- St. James Infirmary (Trad.)(5:49) guitar, vocal
10- Cryderville Jail (Trad.)(4:32) slide guitar, vocal
11- The Year Clayton Delaney Died (T. Hall)(3:08) guitar, dobro, vocal
12- Walk Through A Graveyard (H. Reid)(3:05) guitar, vocal
13- The Train That Carried My Girl From Town (Trad.)(2:52) autoharp, vocal
14- Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore (Trad.)(6:15) guitar, vocal
15- Try Mine (R. Goldman)(3:55) slide guitar, vocal
16- Hollywood (H. Reid)(4:21) 12-string guitar, vocal, lap steel