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4/17/91 by Jas Obrecht

"As melodic as John Renbourn, as fiery as Leo Kottke, as tender as Chris Proctor, Reid is truly a giant of the steel strings. This stunning 71 minute CD was recorded direct-to-master without edits, overdubs or splices- Reid says "I spent several weeks by myself in a cottage in Maine with digital recording equipment to capture the musical moments as they happened. The result is an absolute minimum of barriers between the artist and the listener, and the closest thing possible to having you actually sitting in front of the guitar." His covers of Bach and Beethoven, Gershwin, Kottke, Mancini, fiddle tunes, sea songs and bottleneck blues offer a wealth of techniques and ideas. Better still are his 10 originals, which showcase Celtic, Baroque and Blues influences, wonderful twists of originality, and emotional depths seldom heard in new age instrumentals. He uses the Third Hand Capo, which enables him to instantly achieve unusual open tunings, and favors Taylor, Dobro and Gallagher guitars. His "Amazing Grace/What A Friend/Swing Low" belongs in a slide guitar hall of fame." GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE

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