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Reviews of "Fruit on the Vine" by Harvey Reid


Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Nov 1998)

"This fine collection of 17 tunes (originals but for four) presents one of the true treasures of American acoustic music in a multi-faceted setting. While much of Fruit on the Vine features Reid's trademark solo guitar work recorded direct-to-DAT, it also includes the help of some capable friends. With its near-perfect mix of instrumentals and vocals, as well as the addition of stunning autoharp and octave-mandolin work, it is difficult to grow tired of this CD."

Victory Review (Sept 1998 )

"For years, Harvey Reid has quietly gone about his business, recording independently, touring widely, playing what he likes, and earning a reputation as a master of the steel-string guitar, autoharp, 6-string banjo, and mandolin. His 13th solo release makes it clear why, showcasing his flawless technique, soulful and elegant performances, and lovely compositions. Although strongly rooted in folk, Bluegrass, and Celtic traditions, there's something undefinably personal and unique in his music; a disarming delicacy and grace. This is where his true artistry lies, in using his formidable skills to serve beauty, and not the other way around. Highly recommended."

Autoharp Clearinghouse (Sept 1998 by Eileen Roys)

"One might easily get the impression that the strings are Harvey's passion; in that there is an obvious connection between his heart and whatever instrument he is playing at any given moment. Whether guitar, mandolin, banjo or autoharp, these instruments appear to become an extension of his soul. The combination of major-league material and flawless execution make Fruit on the Vine an enjoyable and exceptionally diverse album that deserves to be in everyone's CD player. This recording has so much good music that it just flows out of each and every track."