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BOULDER DAILY CAMERA 4/19/91 by John Lehndorff
"Come all ye lovers of fine folk music, ye guitar afficionados, ye believers in the blues. We present for your appreciation, Mr. Harvey Reid.

Reid really should be touted as comtemporary acoustic music's entertainer of the year.

Reid is something of a modern troubadour, deftly displaying a dazzling array of music marvels. Besides his genuine prowess on the 6- and 12-string, slide & National steel guitars, he is a fine storyteller, autoharpist and banjo player. He applies his highly emotive voice to blues, British folk classics, blues, Bach and his own ballads.
Reid - who has released 7 albums- developed his fine stage presence during a decade on the New England folk club scene. It's just a matter of time before the rest of the country discovers him.

Harvey Reid is the quintessential musical jack of all trades. ..

Reid is a charismatic solo minstrel who sings, tells tales, and plays 3 guitars, a banjo and an autoharp in concert. Labeled a folkie, he rips into the blues like a rock star.

Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, MT)
8/28/92 by Frank Miele
"...not only a genius musician, but a songwriter of unusual talent and a singer whose voice
reverberates with a rare combination of knowledge and feeling."

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