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The Troubadour Chronicles

This page is to support Harvey Reid's landmark book "The Troubadour Chronicles," published in 2020. Please check back now and then, as I plan to keep adding things here.

The book is available only on this web site and from Amazon.com


"This book took nearly 4 years to write and research. I plan to post all sorts of things here, including links and playlists of music I want you to hear or see, other resources. Since Chapter 14 is about just one song, here is that song, which is an example of the kind of music this book is about. The song was recorded August 17, 1929 in Richmond, Indiana by Arthur 'Blind' Blake, who played guitar and sang at an extremely high level of troubadour skill." [HR]

Solo troubadour albums (link)

Here is a partial list of musicians whose entire recorded output I listened to and studied during my research.

Solo Troubadour Albums

I welcome your cheerleading and input on the book, including errors you find, songs, albums or artists you want me to know about, and things you agree and disagree with. I'll do my best to respond.  I don't have a way for you to comment here, but I welcome your emails.

Spotify troubadour playlists

Here are some links to public Spotify playlists I have made, soon to be a separate page. Sample them here, or listen in full if you have a Spotify account:

Gems of the Troubadour Art Form (174 songs I like, all played and sung by a single person, and possibly in random or shuffling order here.)


Certified "Diamond" Solo Troubadour Tracks

High-Profile Solo Troubadour Songs

Harvey Reid Solo Troubadour Tracks

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