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About the Puffin & Loon Lounge

formerly known as Liberty House Concerts

York Village, Maine Make sure you're on our invitation email list for future events.

Our funky but beautiful 1888 carriage house is now a small concert venue (we sometimes call it "Uberlocal") where we have begun performing, teaching and reaching out to other musicians, local listeners and friends. Read a more detailed explanation of this project.

Catch some music, and enjoy the beaches, cool breezes, surfing, seafood and hospitality of this popular & historic resort town.

Download parking map PDF with directions. From I-95, take Exit 7 to York, head for town on 1-A (follow Hospital signs) veer left at statue, 5th house on the left. In the village proper.

We posted many videos (dozens) of performances from 2017 and 2018. There are more on Joyce's web site.


<– Our kids' popular snack shack is mostly closed for the season...






Contribute $ to Uberlocal


trio trio

We'll keep you posted if you are on our local email list. We generally will not be posting this in either social or local media, and encourage you to do the same and not post pics or videos anywhere.

Bring children if you like, to listen or run around outside with ours...We love kids and want them to see and hear music.

We'll need to teach you where to park. We can fit about 35 cars on our property, and are adding some new spaces. Unlike the past summers, we will have some rainy-day events.