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For those of you who care, here is a look at the road tapes I made to listen to during the endless drives in the rental cars. I have a long-standing habit of staying up almost all night before a major road trip to make a special tape of the music I am listening to at that time that moves me. I have been doing this for decades, and I am happy to say that I still have almost all the original recordings, and they still move me. I was afraid that I might just get tired of all my favorite songs at once, but the comforting truth is that this music has continued to feed me deeply, though I know I am supposed to always embrace new and current things. Solo touring is a time in my life when I do not need trivial music or B.S. or whatever, and only nourishing music will do.

Perhaps some of you who want to understand my musical influences will find some information, and even better, perhaps I can share some of my favorite music with others. I call them REWINDERS because I have a habit of rewinding a tape and hearing the song again if I like. ("...Lets' hear it again, it's an all night ride.")

Harvey Reid (1999)


Rose of Allendale (Mary Black) [Mary Black]
This Shirt (Mary Chapin Carpenter) [State of the Heart]
Inches and Miles (David Mallett) [Inches & Miles]
Golden Glove (Nic Jones) [Noah's Ark Trap]
Well Well Well (David Lindley) [Official Bootleg #2]
Slidell Blues (Paul Geremia) [My Kinda Place]
Tombstone Shadow (Creedence Clearwater) [Chronicle II]
Little Talk With Jesus (Bluegrass Cardinals) [Sunday Morning Singing]
Number and A Name (Steve Gillette) [Alone + Direct]
Daley's Reel (Kenny Baker) [Master Fiddler]
Stars Fell on Alabama (Frank Sinatra) [Swingin Affair]
Gallo del Cielo (Joe Ely) [Letter From Laredo]
Have I Loved You Too Late (Rhonda Vincent) [New Dreams and Sunshine]
Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan) [Vaughan and Beck]
Statue of a Fool (Jack Greene) [Statue of a Fool]
Bach Allegro in Eb (Christopher Parkening) [Parkening Plays Bach]
I Believe in the Man in the Sky (Elvis Presley) [Known Only To Him]
Strollin' With Bones (T-Bone Walker) [Legends of Guitar]


Ride With Me Baby (Long John Hunter) [Ride With Me]

The Maple's Lament (Laurie Lewis) [Restless Rambling Heart]

The Sky Above the Mud Below (Tom Russell) [Rose of the San Joaquin]

Orange Blossom Special (Hellecasters) [Return of the Hellecasters]

I'd Be A Rich Man (Kelly Joe Phelps) [Lead Me On]

Medley #6 (Natalie McMaster) [Fit As A Fiddle]

High Lonesome (Randy Travis) [High Lonesome]

It Came Out Of The Sky (Creedence Clearwater) [Chronicle II]

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (Dolores Keane) [Farewell to Erin]

Well Well Well (David Lindley + Hani Naser) [Official Bootleg #2]

There's A Place in the World (Dan Fogelberg) [Souvenirs]

Saalo's Song (Dry Branch Fire Squad) [Long Journey]

Light at the Top of The Stair (Cormac McCarthy) [Picture Gallery Blues]

The Rope (Laurie Lewis & Grant Street) [Singin' My Troubles Away]


Diamond Mountain (Luka Bloom) [Turf]

4th Of July (Pete Droge) [Necktie Second]

Waltzing for Dreamers (4 Men & A Dog) [Barking Mad]

Singing Bird (Laurie Lewis) [True Stories]

Only A Phone Call Away (IIIrd Time Out) [same]

Guillotine's Release (Dougie MacLean) [Singing Land]

L.A. County (Lyle Lovett) [Pontiac]

Tangled Roots (Loose Ties) [Tangled Roots]

Helpless Heart (Paul Brady) [Songs & Crazy Dreams]

Ojo (Leo Kottke) [6 & 12-String Guitar]

Sam Stone (John Prine) [John Prine]

Sisters of Desmond Grew (David Essig) [State Of Origin]

Shadow Ridge (Chris Thiele) [Leading Off]

If I Could Only Win Your Love (EmmyLou Harris) [Elite Hotel]

Promised Land (Molly Andrews + Duck Baker) [American Traditional]

I Will Guide Thee (Helen Schneyer) [Ballads Broadsides = Hymns]

Lindsay (Archie Fisher) [Will Ye Gang Love]

Sparrows Point (Richard Shindell) [Sparrows Point]

The Window Up Above (George Jones) [Greatest Hits]

You're So Fine (John Hammond) [Got Love if You Want It]

Farewell to the Gold (Nic Jones) [Penguin Eggs]


Will Ye Go To Flanders (Dolores Keane/John Faulkner) [Broken Hearted I'll Wander]

Waltzing Fool (Lyle Lovett) [Lyle Lovett]

Amandla (Dick Gaughan) [Call It Freedom]

Castaways (Richard Shindell) [Sparrow's Point]

Primitives (T Bone Burnett) [Criminal Under My Hat]

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed (Blind Willie Johnson) [Praise God I'm Satisfied]

Ramblin on My Mind (Eric Clapton) [Just One Night]

Grady's Downfall/Flogging Reel (Brendan Mulvihill) [Flax in Bloom]

Hold To A Dream (Tim O'Brien) [Odd Man In]

Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (The Hillmen) [The Hillmen]

Don't You Ever Get Tired (Ray Price + Willie Nelson) [San Antonio Rose]

3rd Degree (Johnny Winter) [3rd Degree]

Anachie Gordon (Loreena McKennitt) [Parallel Dreams]

Someone I Used to Know (Tim & Mollie O'Brien) [Take Me Back]

Last Steam Engine Train (Leo Kottke) [Greenhouse]

Galway Bay (Keane/Faulkner) [Sail Og Rua]

In A Mist (The Drovers) [World Of Monsters]


See See Baby (Johnny Winter) [3rd Degree]

The Messiah Will Come Again (Roy Buchanan) [Roy Buchanan]

Lost John (Doc Watson) [On Stage]

I'll Be There (Ray Price + Willie Nelson) [San Antonio Rose]

Hurricane (David Wilcox) [How Did You Find Me Here]

Barrett's Privateers* (Stan Rogers) [Fogarty's Cove]

Dust My Blues (Elmore James) [Great Blues Men]

Flying Cloud Cotillion (Folk Like Us) [Spring Dance]

Mountain Of Love (Johnny Rivers) [Anthology]

Slidell Blues (Paul Geremia) [My Kinda Place]

Amarillo* (EmmyLou Harris) [Elite Hotel]

A Week in January* (Seamus Egan) [A Week in January]

Hey Joe (Jerry Douglas) [Slide Rule]

Moundsville Pen (3rd Time Out) [3rd Time Out]

Jesus Was a Sailor (Tom Prasada-Rao) [Incoming]

Mexican Highway (Dave Moore) [Dave Moore]

Blues in C Minor (Radoslav Lorkovic) [Clear & Cold]

Bonaparte Crossing Rhine (Slavek Hanslik) [Spring in the Old Country]

Erase the Miles (3rd Time Out) [3rd Time Out]

Since getting a CD burner in 1998 Harvey has made CD road discs. Many of the cuts on the earlier cassettes are not on these, and there are many songs on the CD's that never made the tapes. So here is the complete CD listing:


1- Hey Joe (3:08) (Tim O'Brien) [Odd Man In (TG+)]
2- Fourth Of July (6:02) (Pete Droge) [Necktie Second (TG)]
3- Cello Sonata in G Allegro (3:19) (Janos Starker) [Mercury Cello Suites (TB)]
4- That Just About Does It (3:59) (Vern Gosdin) [Greatest Hits (BT)]
5- Jungle Blues (5:21) (Marcus Roberts) [Alone With 3 Giants (T)]
6- Maple's Lament (4:48) (Laurie Lewis) [Restless Rambling Heart (TG+)]
7- Light at the Top of the Stairs (5:16) (Cormac McCarthy) [Picture Gallery Blues (TG+)]
8- L.A. County (3:16) (Lyle Lovett) [Pontiac (TG+)]
9- Louis Collins (3:32) (Ben Winship) [One Shoe Left (HL)]
10- Blues in Cm (7:29) (Radoslav Lorkovic) [Clear & Cold (HXL)]
11- Witch of the West Mer Lands (4:35) (Archie Fisher) [Man With A Rhyme (TH+)]
12- Seljancica (2:19) (Vujicsics) [Hannibal Instruments (UX)]
13- These Days (4:45) (Jackson Browne) [For Everyman (G+)]
14- Willow Tree (4:40) (Tony Furtado/K J Phelps) [Blues Away (XU)]
15- Greenwood (2:18) (Tony Trischka) [World Turning (TG+)]
16- In A Mist (3:41) (The Drovers) [World Of Monsters (U1L)]
17- Sliabh Gallion Braes (2:39) (Dolores Keane/John Faulkner) [Farewell To Erin (GT+)]


1- See See Baby (3:08) (Johnny Winter) [Third Degree (TB+)]
2- Will Ye Go To Flanders (3:33) (Dolores Keane/John Faulkner) [Broken Hearted I'll Wander (G+)]
3- I Believe In The Man (2:11) (Elvis Presley) [Known Only To Him ]
4- Singing Bird (2:51) (Laurie Lewis) [True Stories (TG+)]
5- Amandla (4:02) (Dick Gaughan) [Call It Freedom (TD+)]
6- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burnin (3:03) (Wille Johnson) [Blind Willie Johnson (H)]
7- Anachie Gordon (8:22) (Loreena McKennit) [Parallel Dreams (H)]
8- Call Me The Breeze (2:34) (JJ Cale) [Naturally (H)]
9- High Lonesome (3:26) (Randy Travis) [High Lonesome ]
10- Coshieville (3:06) (Archie Fisher) [Man With A Rhyme (BTH)]
11- Helpless Heart (4:27) (Paul Brady) [Songs & Crazy Dreams ]
12- I'll Be There (2:41) (Ray Price + Willie Nelson) [San Antonio Rose (BTH)]
13- Hold To A Dream (2:48) (Tim O'Brien) [Odd Man In (G+)]
14- I'd Be a Rich Man (4:41) (Kelly Joe Phelps) [Lead Me On (TGHL)]
15- Last Steam Engine Train (3:00) (Leo Kottke) [Greenhouse (GH)]
16- Primitives (3:14) (T Bone Burnett) [Criminal Under My Hat (X)]
17- Waltzing Fool (3:47) (Lyle Lovett) [Lyle Lovett (G+)]
18- New Lee Highway Blues (5:39) (David Bromberg) [Best Of Bromberg ]
19- Tribute to Elmore James (3:26) (Roy Buchanan) [Anthology]


1- The Road Goes On Forever (5:00) (Robert Earl Keen) [West Textures (G+)]
2- Tear Stained Eye (4:18) (Son Volt) [Trace (T)]
3- My Name Is Judas (3:01) (Clare Lynch) [Old Friends (X)]
4- Orange Blossom Special (7:10) (Hellecasters) [Return Of The Hellecasters (G)]
5- Tijuana (8:18) (David Lindley) [Orange Bootleg (#2) (GHL)]
6- Sky Above- The Mud Below (5:47) (Tom Russell) [Rose Of San Juaquin ]
7- Tangled Roots/Magic Foot (4:00) (Loose Ties) [Tangled Roots (L)]
8- The Lady And The Unicorn (3:22) (John Renbourn) [The Lady And The Unicorn (B)]
9- Stand And Fall (4:38) (Joel Cage) [Last Hard Road (HL)]
10- Shadow Ridge (2:42) (Chris Thiele) [Leading Off (GH)]
11- One Of These Days (3:01) (EmmyLou Harris) [Best Of EmmyLou (G)]
12- Daley's Reel (1:55) (Kenny Baker) [Master Fiddler (GH)]
13- Mother In Law Blues (2:53) (Johnny Winter) [Scorching The Blues (G)]
14- Wild Roses (3:06) (Kimmie Rhodes) [West Texas Heaven (G)]
15- What Are They Doing In Heaven (3:13) (Washington Phillips) [Born To Preach The Gospel (1HG)]
16- The Rope (5:42) (Grant Street) [Singin' My Troubles Away (G+)]
17- Galway Bay (3:32) (Keane/Faulkner) [Sail Og Rua (GX+)]


1- Diamond Mountain (5:16) (Luka Bloom) [Turf (TG)]
2- Rose Of Allendale (4:42) (Mary Black) [Mary Black (TGH)]
3- This Shirt (3:46) (Mary Chapin Carpenter) [State Of The Heart (TG)]
4- Desperate Man (4:08) (Dougie McLean) [Singing Land (TB+L)]
5- Waltzing's for Dreamers (3:46) (4 Men And A Dog) [Barking Mad (U)]
6- Well Well Well (9:28) (David Lindley + Hani Naser) [Official Bootleg #2 (GL)]
7- If I Had A Boat (3:08) (Lyle Lovett) [Pontiac (V)]
8- Humpback Whale (6:00) (Nic Jones) [Penguin Eggs (BH)]
9- Inches & Miles (2:33) (David Mallett) [Inches & Miles (TB)]
10- Strolling with the Bones (2:29) (T Bone Walker) [Legends Of Guitar (U)]
11- Promised Land (2:47) (Molly Brown + Duck Baker) [American Traditional (HU)]
12- Prelude + Allegro in Eb (5:53) (Christopher Parkening) [Parkening Plays Bach (TB)]
13- Someone I Used to Know (2:20) (Tim & Mollie O'Brien) [Take Me Back (VTH)]
14- Dark Eyed Molly (3:00) (Archie Fisher) [Man With A Rhyme (TBH)]
15- Owls (4:59) (Leo Kottke) [Greenhouse (GH)]
16- You're So Fine (4:26) (John Hammond) [Got Love If You Want It (TG)]
17- Lay Down Your Weary Tune (2:53) (Marley's Ghost) [Haunting Melodies (UXL)]


1- Lady Of Shalott (11:33) (Loreena McKennitt) [The Visit (GT)]
2- Sparrow's Point (4:44) (Richsard Shindell) [Sparrow's Point (BT+)]
3- Archibald MacDonald (4:13) (John Cunningham) [Fair Warning (BT)]
4- West Texas Heaven (3:07) (Kim Rhodes) [West Textures (TG)]
5- Canadee-i-o (5:55) (Nic Jones) [Penguin Eggs (TB)]
6- Medley #6 (7:19) (Natalie McMaster) [Fit As A Fiddle (TBH)]
7- Scotland (3:38) (Leslie Smith) [These Things Wrapped (TBH)]
8- Slidell Blues (4:17) (Paul Geremia) [My Kinda Place (TB)]
9- The Window Up Above (2:55) (George Jones) [Greatest Hits (TB)]
10- Walk Through the Bottomland (4:10) (Lyle Lovett) [Pontiac (TV)]
11- Flower of Northumberland (5:23) (Dick Gaughan) [No More Forever (TG)]
12- Umg Aslaug (4:20) (Rita Eriksen) [Tideland (TBH)]
13- The Messiah Will Come Again (5:52) (Roy Buchanan) [Roy Buchanan (TBH)]
14- Slan Abhaile (3:49) (Cathy Ryan) [Cathy Ryan (TV)]


1- Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie (5:22) (Dick Gaughan) [Gaughan (TBO)]
2- Bound By Love (3:53) (Rita Eriksen) [Two Blue (H)]
3- Castaways (3:52) (Richard Shindell) [Sparrow's Point (BT)]
4- Lord Inchiquin (2:33) (Jerry Read Smith) [Strayaway Child(BT)]
5- Down in the Milltown (4:11) (John Gorka) [I Know (VT)]
6- Chiseled in Stone (3:49) (Vern Gosdin) [Super Hits (NT)]
7- Mozart Sonata #8- Andante (6:21) (Dinu Lipatti) [Bach/ Mozart/Scarlatti (HBT)]
8- Don't You Ever Get Tired (3:39) (Ray Price + Willie Nelson) [San Antonio Rose (BT)]
9- Dimming of the Day (3:38) (Mary Black) [Babe In The Woods (VO)]
10- After the Deluge (5:47) (Jackson Browne) [Late For The Sky (BT)]
11- A Week in January (4:08) (Seamus Egan) [Week In January (GU)]
12- Midnight Pirouette (3:46) (Leslie Smith) [These Things Wrapped (TBH)]
13- Blackjack Davy (4:59) (Dave Alvin) [Blackjack David (TB)]
14- Sweet Dreams (3:29) (Roy Buchanan) [Roy Buchanan (HTB)]
15- Meditation (5:09) (Minna Raskinen) [Revelations (DH)]
16- Dreams to Remember (3:12) (Otis Redding) [Boxed Set (G)]
17- Fields of November (4:04) (Norman Blake) [Fields Of November (V)]


1- Southwind (Jerry Read Smith) [Strayaway Child]
2- I Know the Way to You by Heart (Vern Gosdin) [Time Stood Still]
3- Evening Blues (Dave Alvin) [Black Jack David]
4- We Dreamed our Dreams (Cathy Ryan) [The Music Of What Happens]
5- Jenny's Welcome to Charlie (Zan McLeod) [Highland Soul]
6- Katie Dear (Blue Sky Boys) [Within The Circle]
7- Phone Call Away (IIIrd Tyme Out) [1st Album]
8- Double Trouble (Eric Clapton) [Just One Night]
9- Queen Anne's Lace (Steve Brennan) [Steve Brennan]
10- Moses Fantasie (Janos Starker) [Virtuoso Cello]
11- Rock Salt & Nails (Tony Rice + JD Crowe) [New South]
12- Slidell Blues (Paul Geremia) [My Kinda Place (TB)]
13- Big Country (Katsuyuki Miyazaki) [IBMA 1997]
14- Barrett's Privateers (Stan Rogers) [Fogarty's Cove]
15- Rider (Seldom Scene) [Act III]
16- Point of No Return (Laurie Lewis) [Love Chooses You]
17- #6 in D- Praeludium (Janos Starker) [Bach Cello Suites]



1- Jack of Diamonds Blues (Steve James)
2- Love Is A Lonely Street (Louvin Brothers) [Boxed Set]
3- John Henry (Ed Lewis) [Southern Journey- Lomax]
4- Levee Camp Reminiscence (Forrest City Joe) [Southern Journey- Lomax]
5- Out of Control Raging Fire (Travis Tritt/Patty Loveless) [Mountain Soul]
6- Outlaws & Dreamers (Dick Gaughan) [Outlaws & Dreamers]
7- Close Up the Honky Tonks (Buck Owens) [Together Again]
8- Waterbound (Schankman Twins) [Duality]
9- Here We Are (George Jones/Emmylou Harris)
10- Gonna Rise Again (Dick Gaughan) [Gonna Rise Again]
11- It Might Have Been(Vern Gosdin) [The Voice 2000]
12- I Can't Hold Out (Elmore James) [Blues Master]
13- Arthur McBride (Paul Brady) [The Missing Liberty Tapes]
14- Turned You to Stone (John Starling) [Slow Moving Freight Train]
15- It Is Better Farther On (Carter Family) [Boxed Set]



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phone (207) 363-1886

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