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MAYBE THIS WOULD MAKE THEM LISTEN Enjoying a few minutes with a Rick Johnson handmade assault-rifle guitar. Rick makes astounding guitars that always make me smile- and wish I was a rock star. He’s been making them since 1986 in Yuma AZ. (Pic: Rick Johnson) I have included another pic of me with him with a couple of his other guitars at the bottom of the page.

More Than 1400 Characters

I know I supposed to be tweeting and super-connected with my high-tech gizmos, but I generally send out this large blast once a year instead of a couple sentences every few hours like modern people seem to do. I have sent these newsletters out every November since 1990, to say hello, remind you that I exist and to tell you as much about my world as I can cram into a sheet of paper. (Read them all here...)

After 40 years of traveling and playing music, I am still staying home quite a bit with my young family, so you may have noticed that I have not been to your town recently. I am still working very hard on a multi-year project of re-grouping, re-organizing and re-tooling myself. Assuming I can stay healthy and live a lot longer, I’ll probably hit the road again in a couple years, and hopefully bring the kids and show them the world and the world them...

Chordally yours,
Harvey Reid

Joyce Andersen Update...
My musical and life partner Joyce Andersen has re-invented herself as a neo-traditional high-tech down-home solo fiddle troubadour, and she has a new CD called Swerve and a new live concert show that has to be seen to be believed.
More on the back page...

*  *   N   E   W  S       B  R  I   E  F  S   *  *

After decades of non-stop concerts and travel, I am still re-tooling myself to be a family man, and also to contribute more to helping other people learn to play music. I have been working very hard on my series of partial capo books (more inside) and have been teaching 2 summer music camps each of the last several years. In 2012 I will be teaching at the California Autoharp Gathering in Fresno in May and in June at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp in Knoxville, TN. I put dozens more songs up for legal internet download in 2011. There still is a lot of my back catalog not there, but I did focus on my best solo guitar work. They are available world-wide for purchase, not just from iTunes- but also from Google/Android, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Spotify, Napster, MySpace, Liquid Digital, Verizon, Shockhound, Nokia, LastFM, Zune, MediaNet, Tradebit, GreatIndie, Limewire, and ThumbPlay. I finally joined Facebook in Nov. 2011. (I was determined to wait until at least 800 million people joined before I did.) I have a fan page and a widget there that links to my CD Baby music store where a lot of my music is for sale both as CD’s and digital downloads.
I still mail this newsletter, and I still send emails to announce concerts. A lot of you are changing emails and my list is in much need of updating, so feel free to send me an email to confirm yourself. Including a zip code is vital, since I tend to send regional emails. Help me update my mailing list!!

I’ve been using partial capos since the 1970’s, and I have now found what I think the most important thing ever. It’s very interesting to good guitarists, but it is revolutionary for children, beginners and people with hand injuries. I have found a hidden way to play really good-sounding guitar chords much more easily. Watch for it– I may make a large-scale project for beginners, possibly a sequel or prequel to the Song Train. You can play just about all the songs you want to play with only 2 fingers, using all 6 strings, no long stretches, no barre chords, and no weird chord substitutions. It’s magic.


I just finished one more album of my original songs that will come out digitally on Dec 1. If you have noticed that some of my best songs from the past, (like “Cryin’ Shame” and “Too Old to Ride”) are not available on digital download, the problem has been solved. It is called "Songs From A Long Road." It has 16 original songs that are remixed/remastered versions of older songs, re-recordings done in 2011 of a few of my older songs, plus several unreleased/unheard songs from the past I'm excited about releasing. It's up on Google/Android and will be on iTunes etc by about Dec 10 2011. No liner notes yet...

My internet store/ web site at is chugging along, steadily gaining readers and customers as more and more people discover the idea of the partial capo. It's the only place online where you can securely buy all my books, capos, recordings, sheet music and some collectibles

More inside.

Hank & Dixie and the Knotty Pine Boys, my home-town old-fashioned country band continues to play a handful of local gigs. Someday we may make a recording, though I doubt we’ll take it on the road.

Next in line in the new CD department is probably a 2nd autoharp album. It will have some remastered tracks from old recordings (including several from The Coming of Winter that has been out of print for a while,) unreleased things from the archives, and some brand new tracks. I am shooting for May 2012 for that one. Then it will be finally time to write and arrange a bunch of completely new music and be done with the back-catalog housecleaning


I will probably publish my first e-book in 2012. I have not decided whether to convert an existing book or write a new one, and am leaning toward the latter.
I am planning to start teaching private lessons in 2012. Let me know if you are interested. I can teach you my fancier stuff, my songs, or my revolutionary new ways to make guitar easier if you are a beginner.

3 New Guitar Recordings

It was a very busy year with books and recordings.
I have nearly completed a long project to remix, remaster, re-organize, and re-release music from my back catalog. Some old albums like Circles have been completely re-issued and others have been mothballed, with selected cuts ending up on newer compilations.

Some out-of-print or unreleased tracks from the archives have been included also, and I have re-recorded a number of my older songs, when I feel like I can do a better version now. In many ways my music is stronger than it was 20 years ago, though with some songs I feel like the older versions are still best. I hope you agree.

Songs From A Long Road, a new compilation of my original songs, will appear digitally just before Christmas 2011 and on CD in early 2012.

I pressed the digital-download-only Solo Guitar Project Vol. 1 & 2 into CD’s in 2011, and also made Capo Voodoo: Songs. Collected from 11 albums, it is songs rather than instrumentals played with various partial capo setups. The Capo Voodoo book series now has 3 books completed and a few more are well underway as I assemble and release a lot of information about how to play music with partial capos.
More inside...



I have always thought that Circles, released in 1993, was one of the strongest albums I ever did. It had some nice guitar and mandolin instrumental pieces though it was mostly focused on songwriting and lyrics. I cherry-picked my life's work to make the Capo Voodoo: Songs and Songs From A Long Road albums, but decided to let Circles remain just as it always was. I did take the time to locate the original master recordings, and completely remixed and remastered the whole album. To my ears it sounds a large quantum jump better than it ever did, while preserving all the original performances the way they were done back when I had long hair and was a much younger man.

Capo Voodoo: Solo Guiar CD

Capo Voodoo Songs CD– $12.95


Dreamer or Believer (Reid), St. James Infirmary (Trad.), From Where I Stand (Reid), How Can I Keep From Singing* (Trad.), The Cuckoo (Trad.), The Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Trad.), I Have Finally Found A Home (Reid), Once Upon A Time (Reid), Maybe Someday* (Reid), Farther Along (Trad.), A Very Old Song* (Reid), Roving Gambler (Trad.), Short Life Of Trouble (Trad.), Twilight (Reid), The Boatman (Reid)


2 New Guitar Books! Capo Voodoo guitar book cover art

Capo Voodoo- Book 2

More progress on this huge project that I have been trying to get to for over 10 years. Capo Voodoo: Book 1 that was finished in 2010 was a mind-bending 24 ways to use the 3-string partial guitar capo with 1200 cool chords.

Book 2 is over 30 ways to use a shortened 4 or 5-string partial capo such as the Kyser Drop D, Shubb c8b or the Planet Waves Trio (Or you can always use a universal partial capo like the Third Hand or SpiderCapo.) These are very common partial capos also.


Capo Voodoo- Book 3

Book 3 shows 33 ways to use the 1 or 2-string Woodie's G-Band capos, which are a little-known type of partial capo invented in England. They clamp only 1 or 2 outside strings, and are little-known/littler-understood and valuable new members of the partial capo family.


Capo Voodoo guitar book cover art

The Boys in Action

Harvey and Levi
Otto and Levi jamming

Levi turned 3 in May of 2011, and Otto turned 6 in August. They are wild and crazy guys, and are energetic, creative, lovable, maddening and all those other things young boys can be. Those of you with kids know, and those who don’t have kids can only imagine.

We of course want them to pursue some music, and they both made progress, though somewhre they got the idea that they like rock & roll. Having your 2 year-old tell you that your music is dumb and that he wants to hear some rock & roll was a bit startling. Otto asked for an electric guitar for his birthday, and Levi asked for a bass for his 3rd birthday. So far so good.

Levi learning guitar
Otto learns to ride a bike
Me and Rick Johnson with a couple of his Mayan and Egyptian guitars. They are intricate beyond belief and totally cool.

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