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We are still deep into parenting and recalibrating our lives as musicians for the new realities of life in modern America, where music is essentially free. We are not traveling, and are reshaping our lives to be part of our local community, while still being creative artists.

Joyce and I are creating a lot of music, though releasing albums of recorded music doesn't seem to make sense anymore. We are currently still gearing up to release some of what we are doing on YouTube, and are learning about that. Luckily our 11-year old son Otto is showing real gifts in video and he has offered to help us.


Chordally yours,
Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen

Uberlocal We built a beautiful 75-seat concert stage in our 1888 carriage house, and have been performing there the last few months. I don’t even need a guitar case to travel to this gig. We hope you can come hear us play there. www.woodpecker.com/uberlocal

*  *   N   E   W  S       B  R  I   E  F  S   *  *

We are just starting to get proper representation of our music on YouTube, and it’s high on our list to upload a pile of new videos. Joyce does have some exciting recent videos of her new solo fiddle troubadour show. I am way behind but anxious to get working on it. [Note: There are now over 50 new ones put up in 2017]

I have made a lot of recordings, but there’s always something else in the pipeline I am planning. Right now the top thing on my list is to write and record cool new solo guitar music that showcases the ideas in my Capo Voodoo books. I'm composing new solo guitar music now.

My wife Joyce has continued in her quest to take the violin to new and amazing places, and her solo “violin troubadour” show is deepening and expanding. She’s building the ranks of "Pro-Joyce" music fans and deepening her already-deep music. www.joyscream.com

She is helping with the Liberty Guitar project, but focusing mostly on her amazing concert show.

by the way

If you like our music and feel like supporting us, think about buying one song or an album on iTunes. It would help. Harvey's music and Joyce's are there.

I can be found on Facebook. Here is Joyce's page.

dont wear your best trousers


I have made over 25 guitar education books (!!) in the last several years that map out the new directions I am going with my partial capo ideas, fretboard research and music education. They are all for sale on Amazon, (and many are available in the iTunes bookstore) though I’ll be happy to autograph one for you if you get it from my web store.Troubadour chord book104 cover

These 2 are the most universally appealing if you already play guitar, and they make perfect gifts for guitar players in your life. The most complete, detailed, accurate and readable guitar chord books ever, for standard tuning, DADGAD or Orkney (CGDGCD) tunings. Optimized for acoustic “troubadour style” guitarists.

Step aside, Mel Bay.

Also, if you want to learn guitar, look at the Liberty Guitar Method on the next page. I have something huge to share for beginning guitarists and would-be guitar players...


After long and frustrating manufacturing delays, my revolutionary new Liberty FLIP capo is now available on my web store and also for sale on Amazon.com

Model 43 clamps 4 or 3 strings

model 65

Model 65 clamps 6 or 5 strings


• Joyce and I have made 35 albums of music (more if you count multiple CD sets),and you can still get most of them as physical CD's. A few titles are almost out of print.

• I haven’t quite finished re-mixing, remastering and re-releasing recordings from my catalog, and there are still some things I need to make available digitally, including my live double CD In Person and Fruit on the Vine, which I think is one of my best albums.


I am still performing mostly with my Dana Bourgeois JOMC guitar, my trusty old 1973 autoharp and my rare Chrysalis slide guitar, though I may get a new Chrysalis, now called a Ridgewing, in early 2016. (This may be your chance to finally get one, since they are gearing up to make some for the first time in 15 years.)

sallust said


I’ve started playing a new model of Deering 6-string banjo, the Boston. I like it, and it is a lot lighter and less expensive than the one I’ve been playing since 1988. I have also fallen in love with Deering's new Solana nylon-string 6-string banjo. I'll be posting a bunch of videos soon in this amazing new tuning. Almost every melody sounds great and is easy to play.


104 cover
104 cover
I am faced essentially with trying to “shout” on a noisy street to the world that I have really made a remarkable breakthrough in beginning guitar. I am aware that the world is full of literally hundreds of books, gadgets and methods that already that claim to be the key to easy guitar. I am faced with the uphill struggle of convincing people to believe me when I say that I have found something new and significant. I have to put my musical reputation on the line and take the risk of looking like yet another crackpot. I have a huge amount of work to do to first get people's attention, then convince them that I know what I am talking about and that my new idea is better than all the other seemingly similar things that have been developed in the 400+ year history of the guitar.
So I'll start with you folks, who are on my mailing list, and see if I have enough credibility to convince you. Then maybe I can enlist you to help me spread the word once you become believers too.
What I call “The Liberty Guitar Method” is equally valuable for three groups: 1) young children who have previously been considered to be too young to really play guitar 2) people with less than 4 working fingers on their fretting hand, and 3) the millions of adults who always wished they could strum some chords and sing some songs but never did.
Most of you probably know that I have always had a soft spot for beginners, starting with my 1982 Duck Soup Guitar Method. My 325 page college textbook Modern Folk Guitar (1984) and the epic 4-CD boxed set Song Train project in 2007 continued my efforts to encourage people to play their own home-made music.
In 2011, while trying to organize and publish my decades of research into one of my favorite guitar ideas, I stumbled on something that has changed my life and might change yours. I call it Liberty Tuning. It only takes about 10 seconds to get there from standard tuning on any guitar, and voila- it is suddenly dramatically easier to play guitar but doesn’t really sound different.
I have now recorded 2 albums and published 8 books about it, with more on the way, and my first wave of YouTube videos will hit the streets in early 2016. Some of the materials show how it works for folks who already play guitar, and others are for adult beginners or young children.

See the next page for a longer discussion and some awesome videos

A highlight of last year was getting invited to perform at the prestigious, legendary and sold-out Newport Folk Festival as part of a tribute to Pete Seeger. Joyce and I played well, met new and old friends, and wandered the hallowed grounds there in Rhode Island soaking up the music, energy, summer sun and history. What an exciting scene. My first time there, surrounded by the next generation of folk music fans and all the ghosts of all those legendary performers who have been there in the past. I wrote an essay/blog/commentary about my experience...

At the bottom is one of my first “selfie’s.” I was happier than it looks like– I haven’t mastered the art form yet.

Joyce (bottom) with Lillie Mae Rische, who plays fiddle with rock god Jack White, and Vermont songwriter Anais Mitchell (below). And yes, Joyce is getting 6-string banjo fever after watching me play one for years. Watch out.



joyce and anais



joyce banjo

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