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Short Reviews of Harvey Reid's Recordings

"Reid is truly a giant of the steel strings... The quality is breathtaking...wonderful twists of originality and emotional depth... a wealth of techniques and ideas." GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE see complete review

"Dazzling..." GUITAR PLAYER


"An incredible solo guitarist....Reid plays solo mandolin, funky slide guitar blues, ethereal 12-string and scorching electric with equal authority; and the best part is, he's really fun, (and not just for folkies, either)" LOS ANGELES WEEKLY 1992


"When Harvey plays, his guitar can be a bagpipe, a hammered dulcimer, or anything in-between...tone as stately and clear as Waterford crystal..." FRETS MAGAZINE

"Taste, technique, power, delicacy, warmth, diversity-- Reid has 'em all." FRETS MAGAZINE

" A phenomenally talented guitarist.... " CHICAGO MAGAZINE

"Instrumental virtuosity alone is not what separates Harvey Reid from the average folk performer. He has a special feeling for many of the traditions and styles of folk music: Bluegrass, Celtic -Appalachian, Country Blues;... both in original compositions and his own arrangements of repertoire standards." RE:PORTS ( Portsmouth NH)

"A tribute to Reid is that his original material rings as true as the traditional tunes he performs... a purists' dream come true... some of the cleanest sounding acoustic instruments I've heard...." Lucky Clark, EASTERN GAZETTE

"... a skilled, unique musician working in that uncharted zone where country, bluegrass and progressive folk musics all meet." BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED

"Reid's got the chops to play it all..." BALTIMORE CITY PAPER

"... The only thing that surpasses his talents in performing are his talents in songwriting. " AUTOHARPOHOLIC MAGAZINE

"...near perfection on the autoharp, 6-string, 12-string and slide guitars; Reid performs... cleanly, purely, and with soul." ISTHMUS OF MADISON (Madison WI)

"A guitar lover is going to lose his mind listening to Solo Guitar Sketchbook..." FACE MAGAZINE Portland, ME

Face Magazine
9/17/93 by Bennie Green
... Harvey Reid's simply a musician more people need to know exists. Call it culturally enriching if you wish, but once you hear him you';ll have a better idea about what's actually possible in the realm of the stringed instrument." See complete review

EASTERN REVIEW 11/22/88 by Lucky CLark
A release close to home comes from Harvey Reid/ OF WIND AND WATER; Woodpecker Records (Box 815 York Maine 03909) WP-104CD; (DDD) (EMPHA-encoded); (10-performance/10 sound quality); Running time---72:30.

This is a stunning CD...PERIOD!! This double-album, single CD release is a purist dream come true in that it's loaded with some of the cleanest sounding acoustic instruments (Reid plays guitars, autoharp, mandolin, 6-string banjo and supplies lead vocals on seven cuts) I've heard on compact disc in a long time. A tribute to Reid is that his original material (13 of the 17 cuts) rings as true as the traditional tunes that he performs on OF WIND AND WATER. There's a plaintive quality to his vocals as well as his playing that will touch your heart with its honesty... it's truthful simplicity that will win you over with the first listening to this superb CD.

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