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Annual reminder that I exist, hoping that you do too...
Every Fall I drink a few gallons of coffee and try to cram this piece of paper with whatever I can think of and send it out to all of you, hoping that 1) you have not changed your address recently 2) you won’t toss it in the trash instantly and 3) you will go “Oh yeah-- I remember this guy- I wonder how he is doing...”
I have been doing the independent musician thing since 1974, and in spite of the significant crumbling of the big-time music industry, there is still no real way for “less-than-famous” people to get much “ink” in the mainstream press without committing multiple felonies or winning American Idol. The “King of Pop” is dead, so long live the “Unking of Unpop.” Maybe that will be my new moniker...
I have mostly good news to report: with the economy in dire straits, my little world of coffeehouses and “under the radar” music is doing just fine. People need inexpensive entertainment probably more than when they had money, and even though the music industry is falling apart, music itself has not lost its ability to affect people. My mail-order sales, CD sales at gigs and attendance at shows have all been quite good. I still believe in what I do, and that music is a valid focus of one’s life. My family and I are healthy and have enough to eat, so I am not tirading or complaining, except that I never seem to have enough time or energy and I can’t keep in better touch with all the friends I have made over the years.

Stay warm, but be cool,
Harvey Reid

HEAVY GUITAR... Mugging at the music trade show in Nashville with a guitar made out of a real cinderblock. If it had been an acoustic guitar I might have been more at home.

*  *   N   E   W  S       B  R  I   E  F  S   *  *

A number of my recordings are up and selling quite well on iTunes, as well as CD Baby, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Lala, Spotify, TradeBit and GreatIndieMusic. My 2 Christmas albums are going into the pipeline in late ‘09 and hopefully will be ready to go by Holiday time. The epic 4-CD & hardback book project I did with Joyce Andersen in ‘07 called “The Song Train” was the subject of a 5-page article in the Sept ‘09 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. It caused a large bump in our mail-order sales and inquiries, and brought us a lot of new fans. The complete interview with me is up on my web site. Please send me an up-to-date e-mail address so I can notify you faster, easier, cheaper and more green-ly.

They remastered the Beatles catalog this year, and I re-mastered 3 more of my older CD’s since the last newsletter. I also wrote a new essay explaining remastering.

Steel Drivin’ Man,” my 6-string banjo CD and my first Christmas CD are now noticeably better-sounding. I will post an essay on my web site about re-mastering, since it is a little dry and technical for such an exciting annual newsletter.

My huge handbook all about the partial capo has made great progress, but did not get printed in ‘09 as I had planned. There are a bunch of new partial capos on the market and a lot of new players and I have to find out what they are all about. Looks like next year...


I am still not on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. Apologies to those of you who asked me to be “friends.” I am dog-paddling through a sea of information, and barely staying afloat. (Feel free to try to explain to me why I need to make social networking a higher priority.) I can barely make this newsletter once a year, so daily blogging or tweeting are not even vaguely possible for me. I got hold of some more copies of my first 2 LP’s made in 1982 and 1984. If any of you are vinyl freaks, these are virgin vinyl, Wakefield pressings in European sleeves with rice paper-- top audiophile quality, unopened records that I can sell to a few dozen of you who might be interested.
I was startled to find out that I have released over 400 tracks in my recording career.

Recorded some very cool video in Alabama that will show up soon for sale and on YouTube.
I never had such an empty gig calendar as in ‘09, as some of you might have noticed. I never had a home life before, and I confess to enjoying my new family, and working on the house as well as on a bunch of new projects.
My wife Joyce Andersen and I and some local musicians started an old-fashioned country-western band called “Hank & Dixie & the Knotty Pine Boys" and had about as much fun as you can have around here being “wicked naughty”, which here in Maine rhymes with Knotty. My good friend and partner in partial capos, Jeff Hickey, passed away unexpectedly in July ‘09 (see page 2) and I am now running what has been the Third Hand Capo Company as part of my Woodpecker Records business. I am still selling the capos and books, but now am offering 10 other kinds of partial capos for sale, made by Shubb, Kyser, Spider and Woodie’s G-Band. This is still a subject that is very interesting to me, and it is really catching on worldwide as more and more players are discovering this clever way to get new music from your guitar with whatever skills you already have.

Blues & Branches
104 cover

Blues & Branches is my 21st; the first solo CD I have made since my autoharp album in ‘05, and the first one to be mostly guitar in 9 years. It’s available on CD as well as on iTunes and other digital services. So far a number of people say it is my best ever. It is going to be featured in the February 2010 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

Folk Radio Legend John Weingart said: “the album gives me answers to two questions I have been asked from time to time: Which Harvey Reid album would you suggest I buy and, more generally, if you had to pick one album to introduce someone to the vibrancy and scope of folk music in the early 21st century, what would it be?”)

As you might guess, it focuses on the bluesier side of my music, with a lot of slide guitar. It’s mostly songs, though there are some cool instrumental pieces. There are also 2 autoharp cuts, including a blues song and a smokin’ version of an old train song. I did an extended 6-string banjo frailing blues, plus some nice 12-string, lap Dobro, and probably my best lap steel work ever. I used 11 different guitars on the 7 trad, 7 original and 2 covers.

The Pork Chop Slap (Reid), Raleigh & Spencer (Trad.), Let Your Light Shine On Me (Trad.), One Kind Favor (Trad.), From Where I Stand (Reid), Sly Damsel Serenade (Reid), Fishing Pond Blues (Reid), Fool Me Twice Blues (Reid), St. James Infirmary (Trad.), Cryderville Jail (Trad.), The Year Clayton Delaney Died (Hall), Walk Through A Graveyard (Reid), The Train That Carried My Girl From Town (Trad.), Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore (Trad.), Try Mine (Goldman), Hollywood (Reid)CD’s.

$16.95 + $2 shipping as always  ORDER ONE!

I guess I must have done more things in my own life this year, because there are fewer pics of my boys in this newsletter than in the past.

See some more pics of the boys

Otto turned 4 in August ‘09 and Levi turned 1 in May of ‘09, and you can get an idea of why I am staying home. I of course want to be with them, and also because they are very busy boys, Joyce needs all the help she can get. I am planning to get her a Fisher-Price Baby Taser for Christmas (just kidding of course...)

Yes, they wear costumes a lot even when it is not Halloween.

I took Otto on a road trip in June '09 and we did a gig in Virginia, where he joined me on the banjo.

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